Ukulelezaza Workshops

Ukulelezaza Workshop Schedule      January 6th, 2018

Strum Fun - 10:00 am

Music is all about expression. In this workshop Zaza will demonstrate several techniques that define his smooth and groovy playing style. You will learn to add color and emotion to your music, with strums and dynamics that are easy and efficient - and some that require a bit more practice. All ideas in the workshop work for most styles of music. Suitable for all levels.

Formby Style Syncopation - 11:00 AM

In his early career the British entertainer George Formby was struggling to get noticed - until he picked up a banjolele. The rest is history. To this day people all over the world are fascinated by the fierce syncopated strumming style that he developed. The basic rhythm is called split-stroke and is surprisingly easy to learn. But there’s a lot more to it! In this workshop Zaza will start at the basics and then demonstrate several little extras, for both hands, that Formby used in all of his hundreds of recordings. Formby style sounds best on a uke-banjo, but works just as well on any wooden or reso-uke. Suitable for all levels.

Spirit of Aloha - 1:00 PM

From old school strums to modern day slack key picking, this workshop will focus on typical Hawaiian styles of ukulele playing. You will learn where to find the hula blue note, how to play turnarounds in multiple keys and how to get that typical smooth island rhythm - and more. Suitable for all levels. Aloha!

Swing It! - 2:00 PM

In this workshop Zaza will teach you the basics (and beyond!) of swing music, from laid-back after-beat variations to the quintessential gypsy jazz rhythm: “la pompe”. Most toe-tapping techniques taught in this workshop work for other music styles as well. Suitable for all levels.

Workshop fees:
1 Session  = $25.00
2 Sessions = $45.00
3 Sessions = $60.00
4 Sessions = $75.00
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